I am Mandy Mintz.  I’m a Multimedia Designer. Whether I’m working on a Motion Design project or a UX/UI design, empathy and understanding is important to me. If I can make someone’s life a little easier, more fun or just run more smoothly, then it brings great meaning to my work. If you’d like to create something together, let’s chat!


My Story

I have focused skills on the full  Adobe Suite.  Programs I favour are After Effects, Premiere Pro, Adobe Substance 3D Stager, Spark AR, Voiceflow, Illustrator and Adobe XD.  Additionally, I use Photoshop, Audition, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Milanote, Adobe Spark, and Lightform.

I enjoy film production, Motion Design, as well as UX and UI, but many aspects of being a Multimedia Designer excite me.  I have designed Game User Interfaces and Experience as well.

Whether I use my new skills for healthcare design, the backdrop of a ballet or motion design in your favourite show, I'm looking forward to collaboration.  My commitment and creativity that I always bring to what I do, will be an asset to whatever project I join.


  • Created UX/UI human centric designs by implementing research, flow charts, user personas, journey maps, wireframes, user testing and prototypes. 

  • Produced a Kickstarter Campaign for an app, by creating a YouTube commercial using After Effects, Audition, Excel, Illustrator, Audition and Premiere Pro.

  • Built Voice User Interfaces using Voiceflow.

  • Generated assets necessary to create animation, such as scripts, shot types, storyboards and style frames. Then created the final product in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

  • Experience with Game UI & UX, and redesigning a game UI.

UX Research

Customer Journey Map

User Journey Flow

Empathy Map

Style Tiles


Heuristic Evaluation


User Persona

User Interface Design


Prototyping with XD

Mood Boards

Interface Design






2D/3D Tools

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD

After Effects

Premiere Pro


Lightform AR

Voiceflow VUI

Spark AR

​Substance 3D Stager


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.