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Citisketch Redesign of UI and UX

The redesign of this project focused on playing out various scenarios within a chosen city.  The role I played was to improve the overall user experience and visual appeal of Citisketch, SaaS.


I used programs like Adobe XD, Illustrator, Miro, Photoshop, and more to communicate our ideas.

Overview of my involvement:


  1. Created Wireframes: By creating wireframes, I was able to create a blueprint of each screens' functionality, layout and design.

  2. Developed user journey flowcharts.

  3. Built low, mid and then high fdidelity prototypes.

  4. Collaborative design sessions which included developers, stakeholders.

  5. Visual Design.

  6. Final Implementations.

  7. Created and designed a walkthrough for a user tutorial of the site.

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